Friday, September 07, 2007

The New Adsense

Over the last couple weeks, I have noticed a significant change in Adsense.  The earnings and payment rates are strong.

The clicks are not worthless (they are not pennies, but quarters and dollars per click).

I haven't changed anything in my Adsense organization or line up but I'm seeing much better results across many of my websites and blogs.  I've been covering many different topics from technology to politics to biology, philosophy, satire, and clothing trends from high waste pants to french padded panty designs and back to software tips and web design.

Across the board on all categories, I'm seeing better Adsense results, even some product referrals and that leads me to believe that Google may have finally fixed Adsense.  Its been over a year for me and two for some people since Adsense performed well.

I hope its back to stay!

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