Friday, September 07, 2007

Multi Blog Chains to Promote an Extended Topic

Sometimes you will want to promote a concept or topic and you won't want to cover it entirely on one website.

There are many reasons and scenarios when it will make sense then to take the topic and split it up and publish it on multiple sites.  Maybe the sites are yours and maybe some belong to others that allow you to guest publish an article (free content for them).

This is a good way to express a topic completely and deeply with out taking your blog way way out on a tangent that does not entirely relate.

Its also a good way to introduce a controversial topic indirectly.  For example, you might want to call out a controversial topic in satire first, and then refer to the satire article to give an example of the satire in a more serious article.

Maybe you want to talk about a general topic like Scottsdale real estate and then on a different site go into mortgage brokers in Scottsdale and on an even different site, talk about the average closing time of Scottsdale mortgages or the average short sale price of Scottsdale foreclosures during the previous 90 days.

You can go into detail on each specific topic, and then link or cross link from site to site, using the linked networks on a bigger topic to push and pull readers through the thread of the topic building traffic for all the sites while keeping them focused the entire time!

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