Friday, September 07, 2007

How to List your Blog in a Directory

I have been training someone this week in some of the arts of blogging, and in the course of things, I put together a general tutorial on Top10Tech Web Tips on How to Submit a blog to directories.

There's no fancy videos, but it does walk through the why's and the where fors and gives readers access to my list of over 125 blog directories ranked by pagestrength.

For a blogger, its actually a good idea to go searching in blog directories to network and perform market research.  Its a great way to find other blogs on similar or the same topics that your blog covers.  You can then network with those bloggers and build up links from individual but separate articles into your own deep links.  This isn't the same as a direct exchange of links from a blogroll on  a domain to another domain, which essentially cancels each other out twice (once for the 2 way exchange and once for the fact that its in a blogroll!)

Exchange quick article summaries about what your blog is about and give the same and don't link to the general domain, but to a deep link, if possible exchange three links each, linking to a recent article, another for a month old article and the third for a very old article.

You'll be doing each other a big favor.

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