Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Adsense Finally Transitioning Accounts to Gmail


OK, I will be the first to admit that this next thing from Google Adsense is a bit confusing no matter how you slice it.  If you do not have your Adsense account set up under you Gmail account, Google may prompt you to do that.

However, if you have a personal Gmail account and a professional account for Adsense, you may not want to mix your job profile with your personal email profile and get in trouble with your employer.

Plus, if many people know your Gmail email address, then they have the first and primary component of your Adsense account (and possibly your employer's Adsense account) and that can make it just a little easier to try and take over your account.

I'm sorry they don't seem to offer a better way.  Many of us need yet another login id or account like we need a hole in our head or another junk laptop in our closet or another stupid stress ball from the HR department.

So what happens when you see the below is that you will basically be setup with a new Google Account, which might include a new Gmail address linked to your other address for logging into Adsense.  This may make things more confusing with more accounts, but fortunately that makes things more confusing for hackers or someone that might try and take control over your account.

Common Questions to Understand Before you Proceed


You Do Have Choices that Can Help You Protect Your Adsense Account

Do not use just your Google Gmail account.  Odds are too many people may have access to your email address already and for them to then use that known information it is one step easier for them to try and come up with the password for your Adsense Account.

Opt to use a different ID and password for your Adsense Account at this step.


Common Questions - Just in case you want to double check  :)

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