Monday, February 04, 2008

Sometimes I just like the names of Marketing Programs

When you have to market yourself to marketers, it becomes very important to come up with a catchy program name.  I personally really like the work at home program name of Beach Bum Systems.  To me that says a lot about the goals of a program, its funny and its catchy.

Click Here

Now, I do not know if this program will turn you into the type of beach bum you want to be, the happy go lucky six pack abs cut, a nice luxury watch with money and time to spare, or the happy go lucky, toting a six pack or 40 ouncer, scanning the beach for lost luxury watches with no money but plenty of time to spare.  You just never know with these things, but the name can be very important to getting someone's attention so that they will even consider checking out your program to begin with.

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