Monday, February 04, 2008

Going to a Mad Level with BlogMad Gets you More Blog Listings

blogmad One of the best ways to get a new blog off the ground and to spread the word and network up articles on an existing blog is to utilize a blog surf exchange such as BlogMad.  These exchanges are better for building connections and attracting comments or link backs than writing digg bait in general.  BlogMad is probably the largest exchange today followed by the older and more established BlogExplosion which has slowed in growth recently.

When you first start off you can list 3 blogs.  As you participate more in the community you can graduate up a couple levels and get more perks.  I've been at a champion level for a while, which means that I get to list 6 blogs. 

But I am just getting ready to break away from the champion level and move into the 'Mad' level at which point I will be able to list 10 blogs (4 more than I have listed now at 6).  Graduating up won't get you comped at a Vegas hotel, but it can get you more attention, more readers and subscribers and in the online world that all translates to success and profits.

I've got 8 points to go before I hit the Mad level, that will also give me more referral point opportunities and other options.  As you can see I have a long ways to go before I hit the Crazy or the Insane levels.

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