Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What is Google Gadget Ads on the Gmodule.com domain?

This evening I was reviewing a site that had Office Depot ads in a location that should have been Adsense.

What is this I asked?  They have a number of links to click and it looks nothing like Adsense.

It raised a number of Questions in my mind.

  • Did someone hack my site?
  • Did someone hack google adsense
  • Will I get paid for these
  • Are they paid CPM, CPC, or are these some odd Affiliate referral buttons from google

When I hovered over the ads, I could see the domain resolving to a domain called gmodule.com.  If you type that domain into a browser it redirects to Google.com!

So I did some digging and found some information in Adsense.  It wasn't easy to find and wasn't displayed well, so I went to a little effort to make this easy for you to understand and get the answers to the questions I was looking for!

The flash file below is about 1mb and may take a couple seconds to load into your browser. Those seconds will save you a lot of time that would have been spent searching aimlessly through Google's website.


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