Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Get Your PPC AdWords Headlines Right

When you launch an ad words campaign, you have to get the headline right.  If you don't get the headline right every single minute of the day, every day, all week long you'll have the opportunity to fix it. 

Pay attention to your campaign and see if it's converting.  If it's not try and determine if it's not converting due to a poor headline.  There are several ways you can test this. Personally I prefer to run multiple campaigns with slightly different variations on the headline.  Then I can track which headline is working in which headlines are not.

I mentioned that you can change the headline almost any time.  You shouldn't change the headline arbitrarily.  You should make sure you have solid results to back up the change.  If you have a website that brings in thousands or millions of hits a short amount of time you could compile that data relatively quickly.  If not you may need to wait for a decent sample.  To complete which could be several days or a week or a month.

Regardless don't make the mistake of continuing to run an untested bad headline.


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