Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Experts listen up & newbies look at your future

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Eight for experts, in SEO Penalties, Sandbox: "SEO Penalties, Sandbox : Eight for experts

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After showing our new publishers some love recently, we realized our veteran publishers deserve recognition, too. Test your AdSense expertise with the suggestions below.

1. You're probably familiar with alternate ads, but you may want to take alternate ads a step further and try out collapsing ad units.

2. Save time with custom reports and emailable reports -- so quick and convenient!

3. Our optimization tips are great, but what's even better is testing them on your specific site -- whether it's a blog, a forum, or a site like Engineeringtalk, which really benefited from link units.

4. You know how great your site is -- get the word out to advertisers by customizing your Onsite Advertiser Sign-up landing page.

5. Integrate AdSense for search into your site even further by making sure that SiteSearch is enabled and your website is the default. Be sure to customize your search box, too, so it fits in seamlessly.

6. Add your site to Google's search results using Google Sitemaps so people can find all the great content you've created.

7. Since you're already using multiple ad units (right?), be sure you're making the most of them, including using section targeting to get the most relevant ads.

8. Once you've exhausted the AdSense resources, try more of Google's publisher tools, like Google Maps API and Blogger.

Got an expert tip for us? Let us know.

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Inside AdSense: Nine for newbies

Inside AdSense: Nine for newbies: "Nine for newbies
Your AdSense application has just been approved, and you've got a world of new information to absorb. We've highlighted some key resources to answer all the questions you have about AdSense (but were afraid to ask).

1. First, you can see our handy Quick Start guide to learn how to access your AdSense account and customize your ad code before pasting it into your site. For a more detailed walkthrough, see the Help with Ad Code demo.

2. Once you've added the code to one website, you may want to add it to more of your sites or pages -- the ad code will work for any page or site.

3. Once your ads are up and running, it's time to think about getting paid. The Payment Guide provides a broad overview of AdSense payments, or you can find more in-depth information by watching the Payment demo.

4. If you start to see ads that you'd prefer not to display on your site, don't worry. You can prevent these ads from appearing on your site by using your Competitive Ad Filter list to block them.

5. Are you having trouble with the ads on your site? You can use one of our troubleshooting wizards to sort out the issue, or browse our Help entry on Public Service Ads (PSA's).

6. Familiarize yourself with other AdSense features and products to monetize your site even further: AdSense for search, referrals, and Onsite Advertiser Sign-up that can help you earn more revenue from your site.

7. Concerned about keeping your account in good standing? You can review the program policies for a comprehensive list of do's and dont's or our ten suggestions to help ensure your account won't be disabled.

8. Optimize! Our Optimization Tips will help you earn more and get the most revenue from your AdSense account.

9. Acquaint you"

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Learn how to Get Adsense running on your site

Getting Google Adsense working for you on your Blog is not difficult, however its not as easy as signing up for a Blogger Blog.

So I'll show you the quick fast way to get the Adsense account created. How and where to drop the html code offered by Adsense.

How your Blog can make money from Google Searches!

How to plug in Code from Affiliate programs

and more