Friday, August 25, 2006

Blog Business Summit in Seattle

The Blog Business Summit in Seattle is coming up at the end of October.

Its a little pricey but it might be worthy of consideration. It runs from the 25th - 27th of October.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dreamweaver Tips: removing hyperlink underlines

I've been converting over from FrontPage to Dreamweaver 8 and love the new tool.

I'm going to start identifying some of the great tips I'm learning in Dreamweaver 8.  This one can be applied to the style sheet of a blogger blog as well.

Many people do not like ot have hyperlinks in their body text displayed with the underline.  If you want to remove all underlines from your CSS - style sheet, here's how you can do it fast and easy.


  1. go into your CSS Window and then the CSS Styles Tab, select All
  2. n the 'All Rules' window, right click anywhere and select 'New' for new style
  3. Select the Radial button for Advanced (IDs, pseudo-class selectors)
  4. in the selector drop down box, select 'a:link'
  5. also select this document only if its just for this page.
  6. click OK
  7. A pop up window will appear, make sure the Category of 'Type' is selected~this is the default
  8. Towards the bottom middle/left in the Decoration section, choose the box for 'none' and then click apply and OK
That's it, the underlines should be removed and in this local level page you'll find a new CSS section that should look like the following:
a:link {
    text-decoration: none;

If you want to remove links from a blogger template, just do the following steps,
Blogger Template Changes:
  1. Open your template for editing in blogger (Make a backup of your template and save it in notepad)
  2. find the a:link section in the template if it already exists
    1. If it exists change or add the section: text-decoration: none;
    2. If it does not exist add it as follows:
      1. a:link {

            text-decoration: none;

  3. Preview the template to insure that the underlines are gone
  4. If everything is OK, then save template
  5. Republish entire blog
You are done!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Advertise Anonymously in the Want Ads with MyAdBox

MyAdBox is a new internet service that allows people to advertise anonymously. Through their service you can sign up for a toll free number, an anonymous email address and an anonymous website to display the goods or items you are offering.

They have three different levels of service that range in price from approximately $5 - $20 for 30 days worth of service.

They offer the ability to setup your own voice mail on the anonymous toll free number, and with preimium services you can even setup interactive interview questions on the voice mail. A short and simple website with text and a picture upload is another possibility.

So as an example if you wanted to post a job, apartment for rent, or vehicle for sale in your local paper, you can provide this anonymous toll free number, email address and even a website with a description of the job or apartment and or a picture of the apartment or vehicle.

For more information:

Visit MyAdBox here