Saturday, March 31, 2007

CoolAdzine for Marketers $50 Contest

CoolAdzine for Marketers is holding a contest this month.  You can enter by commenting on their blog and earn more entries by favoriting their site on Technorati or adding their feed to your bloglines.

If you win, you will receive $50 via paypal at the end of the month or possibly a smaller prize of $10 in one of their weekly drawings.

Linkbaiting Services from Customer Magnetism

Sponsored Articles

This week we like to give a shout out to a fellow link dating service called customer magnetism.  They provide link building services to companies and websites looking to increase the number of links coming into their website.  Link dating is an excellent way to achieve this goal.  Linked it is simply an article that is so attractive for whatever the reason that many people link to it and point it out to their friends and readers and visitors as an excellent source of information.

The term link dating a somewhat derogatory however, it is what it is.  You're creating a piece of content and you're throwing it out into the Internet waters and you're hoping to attract attention.  Not typically on the Internet you won't receive attention and less the article is worthy of it and so the derogatory nature or joking description of link dating is more of a technical term than anything.  Often times link dates look like long list of items.  For example 25 top car rental sites and how to save money with each of them or 12 ways to all was when it blackjack or 972 ways to make a fortune in five minutes.  The nature of these things is that they usually have a catchy title and indicate in the title that there is an exceptional amount of information that is both useful and lengthy.  The length of the list inhibits people from writing a summary about the item and in so doing it prompts a link directly to the source to save time for the person is interested.  In addition link dates are often items that are used to gain attention when people point to them from sites such as data or Stumble Upon or other social bookmarking companies.

There is a very large market for link building services these days and our sponsor recordings their latest release can definitely help you achieve your goals and build up the back links pointing to your site which in turn increases your page rank.'s Crawl Test Launching this April is launching a new tool called crawl test.  This tool will probably determine how easy it is for a search engine to actually crawl to your site and does figure out what it is that you are writing about recoding about were selling which then enables the search engine to rank your site appropriately.

The tool is still in beta and is currently only available to paying customers.  It is supposed to launch so in April 2007 and that might open it up to the rest of the public.  I do enjoy the page string tool that offers and I have a suspicion that this tool may be just as useful but it's hard to say right now so keep your eye on it and will both figure it out in the next month.

URL Trends

If you're looking for some interesting background and history relating to the links and positioning of your website and its URL throughout the web, URL trends provides some very unique graphs and information about your site.

They are also a site that is used exclusively by companies such as payperpost to determine the rankings of your site and hence its potential value if you are working to sell sponsored articles through that particular company.

The Adsense Account Giveaway

In a former article I mentioned how some bloggers are working to increase their links.

I gave a basic example it looks like this:

links are then created from A1 to B1 and from B1 to A2 and from A2 to B2 and from B2 to A3 and from A3 to B3 and from B3 to A4.

There is a simple dead giveaway though that content Google off to the fact that it's just one blogger pointing to another blogger. 

What is this giveaway?

it's your AdSense account number.  Many people feel that Google tracks that AdSense account number and its Google algorithms.  Google goes and looks at that series of blogs above and realizes that it holds the same Google account number for AdSense on each of the blogs and therefore the derived actual importance of the point of one link to the next is actually just one vote and not three votes.  More specifically its three votes but they're slightly discounted due to the relationship of the owner.

They do not completely discount it as some webmasters use the same number across multiple accounts.

Full Service Web Development in Dallas

A word for our sponsors . . .

If you don't want to build the website yourself, or if you do not want to market the website yourself.  You might check out our war sponsor Dallas Web services, which is a subsidiary of WiWorks, Inc.

They provide dallas internet marketing services to include Web development and web marketing or search engine marketing in the Dallas, Texas area.  Often times you can have a website built from a service working anywhere in the world, however it is advantageous to have someone local to sit down with and work through issues and problems and get a good understanding of what you're really talking about.  In those situations if you happen to be in the Dallas area, Dallas Web services could definitely be a useful service to consider.

8 Keyword Density Tools

I'm working on compiling a list of keyword density tools and keyword density checkers.

Here is a list of multiple sites that perform this service:

  1. keyword density analyzer
  2. keyword density checker -- keyword cloud
  3. keyword density from SEO Chat
  4. keyword density analyzer plus placement and prominence analysis tool
  5. IWeb's density checker
  6. keyword density analyzer from Webjectives
  7. keyword rank tracker (different from a density analysis)
  8. keyword density analyzer

Buying Domain Names with the right words

When you buy domain names, you should attempt to purchase domain names that have the key words that you hope to target with your website.  You can be very good to come up with a catchy phrase or a made up name if you want to brand your site in that type of way.  Great examples of this would be Google or Yahoo!.

Not everyone can be the next Yahoo or Google and so many smaller websites and companies are blogs need to focus on including the keywords they hope to target and searches from search engines.  For example if you were going to start website that sells floor tiles, you might want to name the site "" or ""  he did not want to use the_, the underlying button, however the dash button does work quite effectively in domain names.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

How Does Revver Work?

How can I make money with my videos?

Host them on Revver (

Revver ads a video advertisement to the end of the video and when someone watches the video to the very end, the advertiser is charged and everyone splits the revenue.

Who is Everyone?

The video creator gets a cut, revver gets a cut and the publisher/website owner that embeds a video will get a cut for anything they happen to show on their site (the split is usually broken up in thirds approximately.)

What if I create video and Host it on my site in an embedded file?

Then you get two thirds!

Hosting Solutions

Here's another tip for gathering up backlinks to your website.  Talk about your web host!

A new website is kicking off their initial blog via asking website owners and bloggers to talk about their hosts.  If you have your own website then you have a hosting company and you have experience with hosting service providers. would like to hear your stories about your hosting companies.  They want to hear your good stories, your bad stories, your love stories and your horror stories.

You can provide a single review or you can just give and a double example of situations that you've run into with your host.  For that they will post publicly your response and your story and they will credit you with a link back to your website or blog!

There is no requirement for a reciprocal link or anything else for that matter just your stories.  :)

Hiring Top Legal Talent

Sponsored Article

Whether you are a corporation and individual or a Fortune 500 multinational, there comes a time when you need to hire an attorney.  Our sponsors simmons jannace & stagg provides services to all of these groups of people. They recently provided a release describing their services that they provide in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

They've been providing services to Fortune 500 companies covering many different areas of law from corporate real estate to banking and consumer Law even areas of law such as municipal law.  They cover a number of different areas and they cover a number of different sizes of clients.

With their latest release they are working to get the word out about their services and continue to grow and expand to provide help for additional customers that are looking for an out-of-the-box experience from talented attorneys that know how to solve problems without having to always in things in a courtroom battle.

Launch of Music Tech Site

I came across a new website that launched this week at

Top10Tech is consistently launching a number of blogs aimed at promoting other blogs.  Their goal is to gather together reviews of blog articles from across the blogosphere and help other bloggers promote their own sites.

This week they launched a tech music site focused on the technology that helps musicians and bands get their music out there.  It'll include tips and tricks on how to make music record music with a computer, how to find instruments cables mike stands, mixers you name it.

But even more important the site will help to review articles from other websites that focus on this particular niche and bring them together in a manner that their readers can vote these articles up or down pushing more traffic to other bloggers sites while increasing page rank for other bloggers at the same time.  It's a win-win situation for everyone.

Respond to these 7 questions and get a one way contextual link

The political site is asking seven questions of any bloggers.

Answer their seven questions and they will post your answer on their website and include a link to your blog.

Here's the link to the original set of questions.

Basically they want to know if you would vote for an incumbent?

Go check out the site and dropped them a quick e-mail with your quick answers and they'll post your answers along with a link to your site by quickly from what I've seen so far.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Advertise Your Site the Old Fashioned Way

Signs are cheap these days. You can have a number assigned to for very little money these days.  All you need is a hammer females and you can tackle up on telephone posts all around your county or state.

Now I know it's probably against the local zoning rules to do that.  But as you drive around your city or county you will see just how well that is enforced.  Typically it's not enforced at all, and the enforcement does occur usually comes in the form of a paid public servant that goes round and picks them up and drives them to the dump.

But you can still get several weeks of advertising out of those signs.  And if you take a step ladder you might even get a few extra weeks.  I wouldn't advise it must you have a very memorable URL.  If you've got that you can definitely get the word out faster, it'll help if your URL also conveys a message. Drive around for a few hours and pay attention to the signs and you'll rapidly get an idea of what works and what does not work.

If the signs don't get carted away, go out and pick them up and move them around him and other locations.  You can experiment and pay attention to your results and start to get a feel for what works and what doesn't work.  Some signs will work and some won't.  Some locations will work terrific and some will be terrible.

If you've got a site that is conducive to commuters, company gives traffic information lets say, make sure your site works well on a mobile phone and you might even pick up some traffic while they're stuck in a traffic jam.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Surfing for Traffic on the Weekends

What are you doing this weekend?

If you happen to get stuck inside due to bad weather, you might consider surfing for some traffic to your site.

Learn How to Earn Traffic Surfing blogs

You can watch TV and do many different things while you surf on the exchanges.

Just make sure you take some time to make some comments, identify articles that you would like to cite, and maybe find a couple great new blogs for your own blogroll!

Blog Directories

Every now and then I mention the very useful resource that we have it softduit partners and provides a listing of over a hundred different blog directories.  You can list your blog's URL in a directory for free and over a hundred different sites and receive a number of great links and manage your site right away.

This is an invaluable tool for building page rank for your site.  We do categorize these as well in a way that allows you to list your blog in the appropriate directories that have the highest page rank first.  Highly recommend that you use this tool as it will definitely help you blog.

If you see a boost in your page rank results after cementing to these rectories, drop us a comment and will include you in a future article detailing your experience and will provide a link to your site as well!

Ping Google Blog to Speed up Indexing

Here's a great tip I picked up the other day that can help get your blog or website indexed faster.  All you have to do is ping Google's blog search tool with your URL or your feed.

Simply enter in your URL and let him Google blog search capability know that your blog is there.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

PayPerPost Slowing down Page Loads?

This week I have seen a decrease in page loading performance on several other sites that seems to stem from slow servers on PayPerPost.  I'm getting messages that indicate that their countrakula and payperpost domains are causing a slowdown or a slow response from the server.


I'm also seeing a slowdown from a service that many PayPerPost advertisers used to track and sometimes disguise their URLs area.  To put in a message to the PayPerPost board that I haven't heard back yet, if anyone else is noticing a slowdown I like to hear about it to figure out if there's a trend there are not.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Domain Parking v Blogging

It is been my direct experience that a person can make a great deal more money off of a website or domain than they can off of parking that domain and doing nothing It's been my direct experience that a person that has time to set up and write a blog, can make a great deal more money than a person that parks a domain that they own.

I own several hundred domains myself.  And the majority of those domains are parked.  They earn me a nominal amount of money sitting there, but nowhere near the amount of money that I can earn from blogging.  If you don't have the time to cover a domain with a blog that I do recommend parking the domain and earning a small amount of advertising from it.

However if you truly want to get immediate value out of the domain and if you want to build equity in that domain building a blog, promoting that blog and increasing the page rank of the blog will provide you a much better return on your investment.

This does take time and effort, and if you do not have the time and effort you shouldn't fear.  You can outsource the work!  The market is rapidly filling up with bloggers are willing to take on freelance and ghostwriting positions.  If you are interested in hiring a ghostwriter or a freelance writer to help populate your blog (your underdeveloped domain) contact us at Softduit Partners and we can help.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Is Google running a New Update?

it's not always easy to determine when Google is running a new update, however it's always obvious after the updates been run.  If you monitor the page rank toolbar and you notice the page rank jump around up or down while you're looking at a site whose page rank you're familiar with, you might consider checking the future page rank of the site to determine whether or not Google is running updates on one or more of its servers.

Softduit partners offers a 

Page Rank Predictor Tool

that can help you determine if Google is in the middle of an update.  All you have to do is enter your valid URL and a engine at SEO Chat will go out and check each of the data centers to determine if one or more of those data centers is performing an update.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Looking for Writers - Movie Reviewers

Softduit Partners is looking for writers!

Our parent company softduit partners, is looking for more writers.  We're looking for movie reviewers this time.  We're looking for people from several different walks of life:

  • artists
  • finance professionals
  • IT professionals
  • high school students over the age of 13
  • College students
  • twentysomethings out of college(graduated or avoided either way)
  • active duty or prior service members of the military
  • and any individuals that thoroughly enjoy writing movie reviews

We're gathering together a collection of writers to come together and write movie reviews individually and as a group.  If you think you might be interested in this please stop by Softduit Partners, and inquire for more information.  We will have a more details about the future site here at AdSense for idiots before too long, were gathering names and reviewing portfolios currently in anticipation of a pre-launch of the new site. 

You need not have writing experience nor blogging experience, but you do need experience watching movies!


fyi is still seeking Political bloggers for several states!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Getting Good EDU Backlinks part 2 Study Material

Another great way to get education back links as mentioned in search marketing standard, is to provide content that makes useful study material. To achieve this, you need to provide a quality look and feel, you need concise content.  That makes it very easy for students to rapidly see that the information they're looking for is on your site.  Site also had to be very rich and the keywords that they're searching on.  The fill those goals and you'll be rich and the EU back links.

When Your PPC Campaign is Stale Shut it Down!

We study results from a PPC campaign yet to pull the plug on it.  A dead campaign is a dead campaign the matter how successful it was for you at one point in the past.  When it stops producing its time to move on, consumers and Web servers change over time just because something is successful in the past does not mean to be successful in the future.  Don't make the mistake of continuing to waste money on campaigns that are no longer producing.


Technorati tags:

Applying Your Campaign Lessons to your Page Copy

When you run a PPC campaign, you need to make certain that you improve your site with the information and lessons learned from that campaign.  Quite simply, the successful PPC keywords that you use that actually draw people in, are often times the same keywords that they're searching for in the search engines. 

You should take a look at your individual webpages, and ensure that the text within those pages covers those key words and covers them effectively.  If the keywords are central to the page and to your success a good ballpark goal is to attempt to get those key words placed in 5% of the words that show up on a page 7% would be deemed ideal however there is a bit of a range than you do want to look natural.  Don't make the mistake of ignoring the results of your PPC campaign even if you don't do conversions are as useful information there


Give Yourself SometTime to Manage Your Campaign

Managing a PPC campaign takes time.

You need to make sure that as you set up a campaign you set aside enough time to manage it appropriately.  Now I've done this myself, sometimes I set up a campaign and it's a bit of a test or a trial and I set the budget real low and I set the price for it a click real low. Then I get caught up in other things and I don't look at the campaign for a week.

It can happen but that's not necessarily a good thing.  If you're going to go to the trouble of setting up a campaign give yourself enough time to manage it and tweak it as needed.  Don't make the mistake of ignoring it otherwise you just won't get a return on investment that you looking for.

Send People Deep into your Site on PPC Ads

As we continue our focus on some of the mistakes that people make when they set up a PPC advertising campaign, and this article we're going to focus on making sure that your campaign sends people to the specific niche or specifically focused article that covers exactly what they're looking for.  You want to send your visitors that are clicking in from a PPC ad straight to the page that relates to what the ad was about.  Do not send them to your home page or two in categorical generic page send them to immediately to the page that relates to the ad.

If visitors have to click around your webpage to find the thing they thought they were looking for originally they will bounce out of your site and you will waste money bringing them to your site.


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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Shopping Cart Solutions to Increase Site Stickyness

If you're running a website these days, even if it is a blog,  consider adding a store to your site. You are attracting customers attracting readers.  They may be interested in other products too. 

Send Them Away From Your Site if You Like

Sure you can send them off throughout the Internet to other sites that are throwing up advertisements on yours, however you could increase the stickiness of your website if you set up an e-commerce store and ran a shopping cart.

Our sponsor provides some great software that can help you achieve this goal.

Now, I run shopping carts on several of my sites and I do like the results. Personally I try to avoid re-creating the wheel and I tend to opt for software packages that can provide great solutions.  With a shopping cart you want to provide your readers with a great user experience, good products, and a site that is reliable and trustworthy in appearance and in execution.

If you're a terrific programmer knock yourself out and do your own thing. However if you're not or if you or if your time is directed towards other priorities, leverage off the work of somebody else that's been there and done it and try our sponsor

Get Your PPC AdWords Headlines Right

When you launch an ad words campaign, you have to get the headline right.  If you don't get the headline right every single minute of the day, every day, all week long you'll have the opportunity to fix it. 

Pay attention to your campaign and see if it's converting.  If it's not try and determine if it's not converting due to a poor headline.  There are several ways you can test this. Personally I prefer to run multiple campaigns with slightly different variations on the headline.  Then I can track which headline is working in which headlines are not.

I mentioned that you can change the headline almost any time.  You shouldn't change the headline arbitrarily.  You should make sure you have solid results to back up the change.  If you have a website that brings in thousands or millions of hits a short amount of time you could compile that data relatively quickly.  If not you may need to wait for a decent sample.  To complete which could be several days or a week or a month.

Regardless don't make the mistake of continuing to run an untested bad headline.


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Keep Each of Your Campaigns Focused very Tight

Little of a redundant but you need to keep your advertising campaigns very very focused.

The worst thing that you can do in a PPC marketing campaign is to go with a topic is too general.  You'll pull in results from all sorts of unrelated searches.  You will fail to convert those results and ultimately it will end up hurting your webpage ranking as Google tracks all those people stepping in to your site and staying only for a short visit and then leaving immediately when they don't find with their looking for.

That is wasted money.  Is also the money spent that ends up hurting you.  Focus your campaigns on very specific keywords.


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Lovers Planet Provides Orbiting Russian Brides

Sponsored Articles

So what if your single guy hanging just become a rich Internet and mobile from setting up a bunch of websites and collected the money on from AdSense. At the peak in and out running webpages for so long you probably need a refresher course in how to track today. Fortunately our sponsor provides you access to some beautiful russian brides according to their recent press release about their dating site services.  These Russian girls are looking to move to the states and hooked up with an Internet mogul like yourself.

If you are not looking for a Russian bride, they also provide an some other fun offers and many other Internet dating options.

Since you are such an expert at moving around on the Internet, you can use your advantage and find somebody that is the right fit for you.

Nail Down a Budget

In our last segment on mistakes that can be made during a marketing campaign we mention that you should start with a low daily budget.  However an even bigger mistake that you can make is to not so the budget all.

Make sure you set a daily budget.  If nothing else it sets a metric that you can measure your results against.  Without a daily budget you have no milestones are guidepost to go by.  You're flying blind and don't know what success is and what failure is.  So to make a slightly updated version set a budget and set it low, build the budget out as time goes by and as results justify a two-step budget.


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DNA Testing Services

So what happens if you bring that Russian bride home, which picked up in a mail-order service he and 810 months after she arrives you learn that she's pregnant.  Should you rush out and get a DNA test to find out if the baby is actually yours?

Well if you do feel that you have that need you can try our new sponsor, offers special dna testing services.  You find out just where you stand with your new Russian bride things are right turned back to the catalog.  :-)

Don't Overspend on an Adwords Campaign Up Front - PPC Marketing Mistakes

This is the third part in a series that we're covering on some of the mistake you can make in a pay per click advertising campaign. One of these mistakes we are covering today is the overbid price.  This occurs when you bid too high right off the bat or keyword. Your goal should be to try and get the lowest price possible for that keyword. United here money's worth her good return on your investment if you go in getting high right go. You should always try and start a small as possible.

Get a Low Pay Per Click Price

Start at a low point, and build your way up to make sure you get the keyword at the price you need. No one gets rich paying more than something's worth. Check out the Warren Buffett Way if you need to He is a famous value buyer and one of the best investors in the world or at least the most successful.

Keep Your Daily Budget Low too

The same advice that goes towards the individual click price can be applied to your budget.  Your daily budget should start low. You might started at a buck or two.  You might started at five or $10.

Regardless, start small see what the results look like as they come in on that advertising campaign, and  make adjustments as needed to the keywords in the ads.  As you start to see positive results in a campaign, then you might consider increasing the budget.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Great Prices on Disney Tickets

Sponsored article recently provided a release. They provide some great prices on Disney World Tickets in the Orlando area. They are website provides great prices on tickets to Walt Disney World giving their customers excellent access to discounts to Walt Disney and many of the other theme parks in the Orlando area which include but are really limited to Sea World, Space Center, Universal Studios, Discovery Cove and many of the other dozens of theme parks in Orlando.

It's not cheap to go to Disney World if you don't plan. The cost of theme tickets can eat you up if you don't do your homework at a time. can help you find some great prices. You don't want to show up to the gates of Disney World and pay MSRP essentially. If you do a little looking ahead of time even the night before you can find some great rates.

Keep the Keyword Focused

When you're writing blog articles or even content for a specific page

Keep in mind the number of times your keywords are used throughout that page.  Many people will list their page for a keyword and never use the keyword in the actual article or the page.  Whenever possible try to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Put the keyword in the file name
  • but the key word in the title but the keyword and H1 header
  • use the keyword threw out that page, your goal should be to utilize that keyword approximately 7% of the time

So if you have a hundred words on that page or in that article, the keyword should appear approximately 7 times to achieve 7%.  That is a goal and something to shoot for but not necessarily live or die by.  At the end of the day you do want to keep your writing natural.

Technorati tags:

More Mistakes to Avoid in PPC Advertising

This is the second article in a short series that were running on mistakes to avoid in PPC advertising campaigns.  In this article were a focus on the concept of avoiding shopping keywords as opposed to search keywords in setting up a PPC advertising campaign.

Many Web surfers may look for information and search keywords would be very appropriate to target for advertising campaigns that provide information.  However many other Web surfers will be shopping in their keywords may not necessarily be looking for information.  They will be looking for product.  So if you are providing information and not product beware of search results that are for product.  If you're providing products you may not want to target information related search keywords.

Gift Idea of the Day - Send Flowers

Sponsored Article

There is probably no easier gift idea to make someone's day than to send them flowers. Our sponsor Dot Flowers provides a number of great services and gifts that you can send to somebody that special to you. They can provide terrific looking gift baskets or you can choose from their fantastic array of flour choices.

In a recent press release they describe their ability to provide "Field fresh flowers." Their flowers are often delivered straight from the farms where they're grown to any location in the United States. As they grow their business out Dot Flowers is working to significantly improve their customer service and their overall service offering to all their customers.

The next time you're looking to do something special for someone please consider using our sponsor and send flowers. It will definitely make their day!

Mistakes to Avoid in PPC Advertising

Going to cover a few items I found in a top 10 list of mistakes that you can make it up PPC advertising campaign.  I found a great summary over at top 10  The summary lists the top 10 paper click mistakes that you can make as an advertiser.  It also offers several other top 10 lists covering the same topic by many other search engine optimization and search engine marketing companies.

One of the first mistakes that they mention is the focus of many people on high-volume keywords.  Too many people focus on trying to get a keyword that delivers tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of results.  They often don't have the budget for that type of search.  Stay focused on the key words that work for you specifically for what you're trying to target on the pages you're trying to target them.

I'm going to cover a few of the other tips as part of an ongoing series as I focus on covering this link bait article at Top 10

Search Marketing Standard

Today, I received my Spring 2007 copy of Search Marketing Standard.  This handy magazine targets search marketing provides some great articles.  You can subscribe or get more information from

The interesting thing about this magazine is that it's a magazine.  A company that specializes in teaching people about search engine marketing is using a physical magazine to distribute information when they could send you to their website.  It's rather unique but it actually works.

I look forward are receiving this magazine and unfortunately it doesn't come out often enough.  I suspect it might actually be a market out there for people that offer blogs or other websites that could offer a print on demand magazine service as opposed to a book service like

Regardless, I would definitely recommend this magazine and this website.  They offer some very useful information.

Changing Tide of Orlando Real Estate

Sponsored Article

Orlando real estate is been changing wildly over the last 40 years. Back in the 1960s Walt Disney a person not the corporation through his company secretly went out and bought up a bunch of marshland and eventually created all Disney World or Disney World as we know it today.

These days buyers of Orlando real estate don't have to go to quite such extraordinary efforts to buy the property that they're looking for. Regardless however real estate in Orlando is still hot and it does take a little bit of effort a little bit of expertise to do well in the market. If you're looking to buy property in the Orlando market you need an expert on your side.

If you need an Orlando Realtor you should consider looking for an Orlando buyer's agent. A buyer's agent works for you as opposed to a real estate agent bat works for the sellers of the House. Even when you have your own realtor they are splitting the sales commission with the listing agent of a company that is selling the house officially. That means when you hire a real estate agent you're basically hiring a second salesperson. If you're going to move to Florida or invest in property their usual look for a broker. A broker has the primary purpose of finding you a better deal.

Blogging Faster without Killing your Hands

I'm utilizing a great new tool to blog these days. The new tool is Dragon Naturally Speaking preferred 9. It's a voice recognition software program. It allows me to dictate everything instead of having to type everything.

I'm dictating this blog as I as you read it right now. I dictated this article. And I'm probably dictating another one while you read this article. I can talk a lot faster than I can type. I'm very happy to have this new ability. It's speeding up my work significantly.

Blogitive is Back - Up That is

For those of you that follow Blogitive, they are backed up today.  They've been going through a system upgrade for the last two to three weeks.  They're back online and they've got lots and lots of open offers.

Here's the bad news

Everybody and their brother and her sister and her cousins and the parents are logged in and try and except as offers so the system is a little overwhelmed right now.

You might build a squeeze in there and grab a few yourself right away, but it's going to be difficult not to easy.

Personally I'm happy that they're back there has been some fame can absence as they've been gone and I need motivation.  I've got some great new tools I'm using to blog more effectively and efficiently how to be sharing those with your the next couple of days but as far as blogitive is concerned I am looking forward to the extra work and I can handle all of it!

If you don't know who blogitive is, check out our website at softduit partners and look up the revenue tools there you learn all about blogitive and many other companies that pay you to blog.

Market Correction Hits Precious Metals - Silver

Last week's market correction it precious metals in particular silver pretty harshly.  Market correction sometimes spell out opportunities to buy.  As the price corrects or levels it basically means is becoming a more fair or appropriate price in the eyes of the market.

If you held silver through the correction, you probably are very happy right now.  However if you've been thinking about moving into a larger silver position prices look more attractive this week than they did last week.

Through our sponsor MDC, the Monex Deposit Company, silver buyers can purchase precious metals.  Their recent release describes their offered services including silver purchases along with many other precious metals.  They can also made arrangements to hold precious metals and safe storage.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Launched Two New Blogs for No More Incumbents

This month we launched two additional blogs for

Still Recruiting More Political Bloggers

If you are a political blogger and would like to promote your articles, or if you would like to cover a state for NoMoreIncumbents in one of our blog collumns, please go to our blog at No More Incumbents Blog and leave us a comment or send us an email.

Launched this Mont

The first blog launched was No More Incumbents New Jersey and it is being written by a good friend that covers her own Political blog My Own Political Party.

The second blog got off the ground a little later this month.  Its written by Political Comedian Michael Hayne, who has worked for several political campaigns in between his work as a stand up comic in New York.  He's covering our the Presidential campaign at No More Incumbents Presidential Race.  He writes for several blogs, but keeps up two comedy blogs one his personal blog and one at Comedy SoapBox.