Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Adsense Account Giveaway

In a former article I mentioned how some bloggers are working to increase their links.

I gave a basic example it looks like this:

links are then created from A1 to B1 and from B1 to A2 and from A2 to B2 and from B2 to A3 and from A3 to B3 and from B3 to A4.

There is a simple dead giveaway though that content Google off to the fact that it's just one blogger pointing to another blogger. 

What is this giveaway?

it's your AdSense account number.  Many people feel that Google tracks that AdSense account number and its Google algorithms.  Google goes and looks at that series of blogs above and realizes that it holds the same Google account number for AdSense on each of the blogs and therefore the derived actual importance of the point of one link to the next is actually just one vote and not three votes.  More specifically its three votes but they're slightly discounted due to the relationship of the owner.

They do not completely discount it as some webmasters use the same number across multiple accounts.

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