Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Shopping Cart Solutions to Increase Site Stickyness

If you're running a website these days, even if it is a blog,  consider adding a store to your site. You are attracting customers attracting readers.  They may be interested in other products too. 

Send Them Away From Your Site if You Like

Sure you can send them off throughout the Internet to other sites that are throwing up advertisements on yours, however you could increase the stickiness of your website if you set up an e-commerce store and ran a shopping cart.

Our sponsor provides some great software that can help you achieve this goal.

Now, I run shopping carts on several of my sites and I do like the results. Personally I try to avoid re-creating the wheel and I tend to opt for software packages that can provide great solutions.  With a shopping cart you want to provide your readers with a great user experience, good products, and a site that is reliable and trustworthy in appearance and in execution.

If you're a terrific programmer knock yourself out and do your own thing. However if you're not or if you or if your time is directed towards other priorities, leverage off the work of somebody else that's been there and done it and try our sponsor

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