Monday, March 05, 2007

Blogitive is Back - Up That is

For those of you that follow Blogitive, they are backed up today.  They've been going through a system upgrade for the last two to three weeks.  They're back online and they've got lots and lots of open offers.

Here's the bad news

Everybody and their brother and her sister and her cousins and the parents are logged in and try and except as offers so the system is a little overwhelmed right now.

You might build a squeeze in there and grab a few yourself right away, but it's going to be difficult not to easy.

Personally I'm happy that they're back there has been some fame can absence as they've been gone and I need motivation.  I've got some great new tools I'm using to blog more effectively and efficiently how to be sharing those with your the next couple of days but as far as blogitive is concerned I am looking forward to the extra work and I can handle all of it!

If you don't know who blogitive is, check out our website at softduit partners and look up the revenue tools there you learn all about blogitive and many other companies that pay you to blog.

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