Monday, September 17, 2007

The SEO Benefits of Static Clean provides a service that can only be relevant on the internet.  Like a clothes dryer generates static and sometimes sticks a sock to your back or something.

The Problem

On the web there are many tools these days that enable people to dynamically generate content.  The dynamic aspect means that the content is piped in from a different location and it usually doesn't provide the search engine anything to index.

The Solution

Enter and their static pages generator.  Their software helps to build hundreds if not thousands of pages of static pages that are designed for search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

With a static page, a search engine bot can take its time and read through the site.  It can then be indexed and listed and ultimately found in search engine results.

Personally, I do like the concept that this search engine optimization software offers, but I need to see it in action and I would like to see some pages that it has generated to test it to see if it can generate valid html code for example.  I've written to the company and I am awaiting more feedback.  I'll keep you posted as I learn more.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Netscape Bookmarks

Here's a great way to build up some links for your site and some traffic too.

Once you publish an article, simply post the link, title and summary of that article at netscape.

You pick up an indexing link and its pointing in, plus you stand a better chance of people following the link back to your site from Netscape.

Push these links into Netscape regularly, and you will see a strong benefit in page rank results when Google follows through on the next update.  Its simple to do, but does take a couple minutes.  Try and work it into your article writing and publishing routine, before you jump away too fast to read something else or write a different topic.

You are not throwing out the kitchen sinks when you spend that extra minute promoting your article or your site.  You do want people to read the articles and you do want maximum exposure, so pay yourself a 1 minute reward!

Adwords to Push Traffic

If you have not used Adwords to promote your blog or even some of your flagship content then you are missing the boat.  Adwords is a relatively cheap way to advertise your site in the most trafficked realm of the internet, Google Search.

You can set daily budgets (even at a $1 a day). 

Now if that's too much for your budget, then you aren't paying attention to my blog because I can make you a lot of money every day so that you will definitely have a $1 per day to grow your site and make even more money.

If you have a blog and you are not making at least $25 - $50 per day, contact me through Softduit Partners.  Within 6 months, you might even be making enough money to think about giving up your day job!

I'm not saying you have to do Google Adwords to make money, but it can help.  Still I always advise that you make some money first and invest in yourself and your website with a small portion of your profits.

So the next time you write the killer article about some esoteric topic such as cbu mailboxes or secured mailboxes or even cluster mailboxes, and you want to push your article and your blog up in the search engine results, set a goal and a budget and try a short trial run with Google Adwords, running it for a week or 2.  Then shut it off and analyze the lessons you learned from the experience.

You can even blog about it, and if you are working through my programs, you'll probably make money blogging about it!

Multi Blog Chains to Promote an Extended Topic

Sometimes you will want to promote a concept or topic and you won't want to cover it entirely on one website.

There are many reasons and scenarios when it will make sense then to take the topic and split it up and publish it on multiple sites.  Maybe the sites are yours and maybe some belong to others that allow you to guest publish an article (free content for them).

This is a good way to express a topic completely and deeply with out taking your blog way way out on a tangent that does not entirely relate.

Its also a good way to introduce a controversial topic indirectly.  For example, you might want to call out a controversial topic in satire first, and then refer to the satire article to give an example of the satire in a more serious article.

Maybe you want to talk about a general topic like Scottsdale real estate and then on a different site go into mortgage brokers in Scottsdale and on an even different site, talk about the average closing time of Scottsdale mortgages or the average short sale price of Scottsdale foreclosures during the previous 90 days.

You can go into detail on each specific topic, and then link or cross link from site to site, using the linked networks on a bigger topic to push and pull readers through the thread of the topic building traffic for all the sites while keeping them focused the entire time!

The New Adsense

Over the last couple weeks, I have noticed a significant change in Adsense.  The earnings and payment rates are strong.

The clicks are not worthless (they are not pennies, but quarters and dollars per click).

I haven't changed anything in my Adsense organization or line up but I'm seeing much better results across many of my websites and blogs.  I've been covering many different topics from technology to politics to biology, philosophy, satire, and clothing trends from high waste pants to french padded panty designs and back to software tips and web design.

Across the board on all categories, I'm seeing better Adsense results, even some product referrals and that leads me to believe that Google may have finally fixed Adsense.  Its been over a year for me and two for some people since Adsense performed well.

I hope its back to stay!

How to List your Blog in a Directory

I have been training someone this week in some of the arts of blogging, and in the course of things, I put together a general tutorial on Top10Tech Web Tips on How to Submit a blog to directories.

There's no fancy videos, but it does walk through the why's and the where fors and gives readers access to my list of over 125 blog directories ranked by pagestrength.

For a blogger, its actually a good idea to go searching in blog directories to network and perform market research.  Its a great way to find other blogs on similar or the same topics that your blog covers.  You can then network with those bloggers and build up links from individual but separate articles into your own deep links.  This isn't the same as a direct exchange of links from a blogroll on  a domain to another domain, which essentially cancels each other out twice (once for the 2 way exchange and once for the fact that its in a blogroll!)

Exchange quick article summaries about what your blog is about and give the same and don't link to the general domain, but to a deep link, if possible exchange three links each, linking to a recent article, another for a month old article and the third for a very old article.

You'll be doing each other a big favor.