Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Using Adsense to Improve Debt Solutions


Many people often times begin to embark on a path to earn money by working online.  They often times at the website or a blog or many such sites and start to work as a freelance writer or blogger.  They can often times earn money from AdSense or other services that enable bloggers and website owners to place advertisements within their website.

Bloggers often find that one of their favorite topics to cover is talking about how they earned money, how they earned more money, or new methods the encountered to save money.

They are all very popular themes and they make for good reading to as people like to share the tips and tricks they learn that make life better or easier for them.  If a blogger comes across an idea about how to successfully navigate the tricky course to achieving Debt Relief, odds are they're probably going to write about it and even promote the service or company that helped them do that.  Similarly a person goes out refinance their home and has a good experience and might even write about that experience or some of the other alternatives they weighed when they went through the process.

Maybe they considered utilizing Credit Card Consolidation services or techniques to refinance their student loans or other debt.  Bloggers like to write about what they know about and they like to write about what's going on in their lives at that point in time.  It's the thing a central focus to them and it makes sense to write about it as it's happening and this creates a blogosphere is oftentimes filled up with similar articles and so watching the buzz in the blogosphere can not only help you benchmark on how to do something, but you can see through other bloggers trial and error how do achieve a better result.  If 100 people do something and they all write about it, odds are they're going to do it slightly differently and you're going to be a we read about some of the mistakes and some of the good things that each one of them did you might then be a will to do it even better.

Of course that will give you some great material to write about yourself!

Are Bloggers Going to be Blacklisted by PPP?

It was bound to happen eventually, but some bloggers are being threatened with the potential of an industrywide blacklist that could be sponsored by PayPerPost.  PayPerPost themselves said as much on their own blog.  The implications of such a move are extremely ugly and definitely not a good thing for bloggers.

At a minimum such a move would work to separate bloggers from each other and provide the advertising industry even more clout in control over what bloggers write, how they write it, when they write it, and why they write it.  PayPerPost is brought a number of great things to the industry but at the same time they are developing into the 800 pound gorilla of the group and they don't always play not ask.  After threatening an industrywide blacklist of bloggers, they were somewhat surprised at the backlash they receive from bloggers.  That does not mean that they're going to mend their ways or even not live up to their own threats.

For more on this check out the following headlines


I found a great referral from Miss Jenny of The So Called Me blog.  She recommends a service called Shareaholic.com.  They offer a Firefox plug-in that allows you to share articles that you're looking at in your browser with

  • Digg.com
  • Stumble Upon
  • Delicious
  • reddit
  • facebook
  • googlebookmarks and more


There are other ways to get the same service, but this does seem pretty useful.  For people that like to have this type of thing in their browser as a button or a drop-down, this could be a good fit for your bag attracts.


Many blogs already have these buttons installed as plugins within the site itself, but if you are looking for one stop shopping, this can definitely be a good option to consider.  It may not be the right fit for everyone, but nothing ever is.  In the blogosphere, you often have to try out many different tools to find the one that fits you.  Kind of like trying to find the right type of furniture for your house.  

Maybe you'll find something that is comfortable but if its some sort of Bush furniture motif and you have a victorian styled home, that might not work. Not the best analogy, but you get the point.   ;) 

Friday, August 10, 2007

Not Sure if You have found the Perfect Domain Name? Lease it!

Sometimes you just can't be sure if he found the right domain name.  That can especially be true if you're attempting to purchase a domain name.  It's not like he used car you can't kick the tires and take it for a test drive.

Let's not exactly true there's a new service that allows webmasters or anyone for that matter to lease a domain name on a monthly basis or even for periods longer than a month maybe you just want to lease a domain for the quarter for a pop up site or maybe you want to try it out and see what the traffic looks like during certain seasons.  Instead of buying the domain for the long haul you can lease it through a site called leasethis.com.


Let's say that you're looking to start a new blog about skin care products and you're not sure if the domain name superclearskin.com will bring in the type of traffic that you looking for.  You might build go to leasethis.com and lease the domain and give it a test run only paying for the amount of time that you need to use the domain to potentially establish if that domain will work for you or not.

Their terms range from one month to 24 month terms.  It's a nice alternative as opposed to cyber squatting or picking up a domain for five-day window and dumping it before you have to pay for the actual registration.  It's also a nice way to test of the domain before you purchase it from someone.  Maybe they're offering up stats that can't really be provided after a sale and this gives you a chance to actually take that site for test run.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Stake Your Domain Claim - Be Prepared to Fight

A few times this year I've seen a disturbing trend taking place on the Internet.

I've established websites utilizing a domain and the website name that no one else had.  One to three months after I had my website up another website would pop up with a very similar domain and an identical website name or title.  I would see a cease-and-desist letter coming from this new website claiming to have owned the rights to the domain and the title of the website.

Now my websites were up first and not exactly trying to argue if I'm right or wrong here, but I would like to point out to you that there are some shady things going on and you need to be prepared to protect yourself otherwise you'll be bouncing off the chandeliers trying to prove that you're in the right after the fact.

Here are some things that you can do to document that you've been there first

  1. perform a Google search on the domain name, the title of the website and take time stamp PDF copies of the results
  2. do the same thing for the websites that appear under those search results especially if they're similar to what you're planning to do
  3. if you purchase a domain name with.com ending and notice that the domains for.net and.org are not taken already, consider buying them so that no one else will and if you can't do that take a screenshot of the fact that those websites are either still available or not being utilized -- especially if they're parked
  4. If somebody comes at you with a claimed that they were there first, perform a look back search to see if they actually did have their website up.  Look back will provide you a historical view of their website and what was there a month ago or two months ago or a year ago.
  5. Register your company as an LLC or a corporation.  The due diligence and vetting process to come up with a name for your company and get registered will help you identify of there any companies with a similar name in your state.  That might also tip you off to a web presence and will provide you with a reasonable protection that you can at least use your company name.
  6. Be prepared to fight for your domain territory.  Domains are kind of like mining claims and space is running out.  You might pay seven dollars to register a domain, but in a market where the supply is evaporating that seven dollar domain could be worth $1000 minutes after you register it. 

Recognize that your domain and website are valuable and be prepared to hold on to your claim!

The Blogosphere isn't Shrinking - The course is being groomed better

 Steve Rubel at AdAge.com recently tripped over an important concept about the blogosphere.  Normally AdSense for idiots wouldn't stoop to the level of covering a website of such low repute as AdAge.com, however if you read through the entire article at the bottom to progress and important concept.  A concept its importance for bloggers and webmasters and Internet marketers.

The concept is that the blogosphere is not shrinking, but the edges are becoming more refined.  There is a useful analogy provided at the end of the article that illustrates the point.

If Web 2.0 is like golf, then a blog is a nine iron, while a micro-blog is a putter. It's all still golf, but bloggers are starting to mix it up, and the course is changing. Therefore, marketers need to adapt. More on that in my next column.

Advertising Age - The Case of the Incredible Shrinking Blogosphere


The point here is that you can get a long way with the blog.  A blog is not necessarily a driver, but you get a lot of distance out of each hit that you have a blog.  However when you get down to the minutia you need to use and mix up some other tools from social networking sites and even possibly some of the new micro-blogging concepts that are coming out of websites like twitter.

Twitter provides a service that allows people to send short messages from their cell phones to a website where their friends can stay connected with what's going on in their lives.  These are similar in terms of length of information to a telegram or postcards that you might send your friends while you're on vacation paid their mail boxes typically after you've already returned.  They don't provide a lot of information, but they do provide a little bit of information and that's entirely the point.

The concept of mixing up your Internet strategy is not new, but the growth is shifting a little bit.  The Internet started with a number of websites that might be viewed as the big rocks that were put into the bucket and then medium-sized rocks such as blogs were added to the mix and now a number of other tools like social networking sites and micro-blogging sites are the small rocks and grains of sand that are filling in all those remaining areas.

It's not only important that they're filling in that area, but they're also serving to connect all the rocks together with many more touch points.  You'll notice that no one is poured water into the mix yet and so the fluidity isn't perfect there are still disconnects out there, however we're getting close and it probably won't be long before someone figures out how to fill the blogosphere up with water.

In the meantime, our hats are off to the hacks at AdAge!  ;)

Google's New(er) Referral Products

For quite some time Google has been offering people the ability to earn money from their referral products .  Firefox with the Google toolbar was the first referral product that they offered.  Basically what any one signed up for a product through your Google referral buttons you get paid by Google (on their extravagantly long and drawn out payment terms).  Will Google is trying to find more ways to monetize referrals and now offers a long long list of products that you can earn referrals through Google's programs.


It's not just limited to things that are related to Google like the Firefox toolbar, it covers a wide range of products.

To find it, simply login to your Google adsense account and click on AdSense setup, then scroll down and choose referrals.


You should be presented with a list of about 13 to 15 different categories.  You can then dive into those categories and find products that might fit your needs.  So if you are looking for natural skin care products you can possibly go into the health category and dig your way down until you find a product that you think might work well on your site.


One of the nice things about thisset up is that you can pick based onthe products that convert very well.Some products don't have much of a history yet as this is still a rathernew area for Google.  But it is an interesting start and might provide you with some good waysto boost the revenue on your site.

Are You Getting Comfy on Adsense Earnings?

Google's AdSense product has been around for a number of years.  Many people made a lot of money off of AdSense.  Are you one of those people, are you comfortable with the earnings that you pull them from ghouls AdSense program?


AdSense is not the only fish in the ocean.  There are many other ways that you can make money online or find ways to monetize your website or blog.  The last year has probably seen more growth in ways to apply revenue streams to blogs that almost any other area on the Internet.  If you're not capitalizing on these new ways to earn money, then you're just not looking.  They are out there, we cover them in this blog as a regular occasion.


Anyone that reads this blog knows that we don't try and sell you an e-book, we don't try to sell you anything.  We provide you information on how tonight money online.  We'll have to sell you anything to earn money ourselves, because we are using our own techniques to make money.  We also know that if you make money online through our techniques will all benefit from sharing a bigger pie.  So if you're hoping to be a will to relax a little more balanced lifestyle, spend more time with the family, exercise more, and set up a nice new office within your home styled with contemporary office furniture and you're the right place. If you haven't subscribed to this blog already please consider doing so and please also drop us a comment and ask about our family of blogs covering many other related areas that will help you do more with your time.