Monday, September 18, 2006

More Blog Directories Plus more details in the reviews

I've been working all weekend to sample, try and submit my blogs to many of the Blog Directories that I've compiled at Softduit Partners

My list of directories has grown to 129 strong, but I now have added my impressions as I've gone through the directories and tried them myself.  I've made it through the first 50 directories when sorted according to their Page Strength.  That's right, I'm submitting my blogs to the strongest directories first, and I'd advise that you should consider the same.

Please note, that there are no referral programs with blog directories so I receive no advantage for this.  Its just a service and something I found useful for myself so I published it on the net and its kind of taken off as a project in its own right.

I'm hoping to make more progress and get through the other 79 directories within the next two weeks.  However, I just received a list of 50 more directories that were not included in the original, so I will be reviewing them and adding them in one directory at a time as well.  That will take the list of Blog Directories up to almost 200 before its all over.  That's a lot of potential for listings, readers, pings, feeds, and link backs.  If you are serious about promoting your blog you should definitely consider it.

I have had one reader confer that they spent a week listing their single blog in every single directory and saw an increase in traffic the following week by one thousand impressions per day.  For some that is huge and for some that is no big deal.

For me, I'd welcome another thousand visitors, so that's what prompted me to get off my rear and start submitting all of my blogs to these directories.  It can't hurt and I'll take the 129 link backs if nothing else!

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Directory of Blog Surfing Exchanges

Softduit Partners has posted a directory of Blog Surfing Exchange sites.

Currently they feature 13 different blog exchanges that new bloggers can list their blogs within to work to surf and earn more traffic.

New bloggers and even old hands at the trade need to be careful however.  Google's Adsense program and some other advertisers frown on the exchanges that offer traffic impressions for sale for money.  Exchanges such as BlogExplosion do not seem to upset them, but some of the sites that offer bloggers the means to pay real cash for impressions violoate the TOS of Adsense.

here's my recommendation:  If you have a new blog and you are trying to build up traffic.  Take your Adsense off of the blog.  Sponsor the blog in multiple exchanges and earn yourself a following of readers and network with the other bloggers in these forums.

Down the road in a few months when you have a lot of regular traffic, you can turn off your listing at the exchanges and put Adsense back on your blog if you choose to.  This will earn you more money from Adsense as you'll have more traffic.  Plus it will let you promote your site.

I do not encourage people to purchase impressions myself.  I do think that earning impressions by networking and viewing other blogs can help however.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Podcast and Portable Media Expo

I will be attending the Podcast and Portable media Expo.  If you would like to meet up with me at the event, arrangements can be made

I'm really looking forward to the expo and will be attending as many of the events as possible.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Blog Valuation

The easy way to value your blog is take a look at your earnings in cash for the last twelve months and discount it, projecting your earnings over the next twelve.

There are obvious issues with this, the primary being that 'past performance' is no indication of future performance, but it can give you a rough guideline.

What may be difficult to add to the calculation is how much actual work you had to do on your blog to get the traffic that click on the ads that generated all the revenue.

There are a number of blog valuation sites that offer up algorithm type formulas to calculate the value of your blog.

As an example Blog Worth does this by looking at your alexa ranking and your incoming links and then putting an arbitrary US dollar amount to this.
See example:

Of course, this doesn't mean that there's an actual buyer out there that will buy your blog for that much money, but its a start. In trying to determine an appropriate valuation, its important to look at your blog from the perspective of several approaches.

With that in mind I'm building a directory of Blog Valuation services which I'll host at Softduit similar to the Blog Directory listing I have accumulated offering Blog Directories in alphabetical order, ordered by Alexa Ranking and ordered by's PageStrength. These directories allow you to target and prioritize the best directories to list your blogs in order to get the most traffic and listings the fastest.

So in a future post, I'll include a similar group of directories of Blog valuation directories.