Thursday, May 22, 2008

When Your Site is Converting - Prime The Adsense Pump!

From time to time, you will see your performance pick up significantly on your websites.  If you monitor your Adsense earnings throughout the day and happen to notice that your site is running hot, defined as a higher than proportional number of clicks, or also defined as a higher paying click than what you normally see, then you need to prime the Adsense Pump.

What is going on here is that there is something on your site that IS working!  You need to go with the flow and promote traffic to your site to take advantage of the situation.  I'm not talking about click fraud, I'm just talking about those times when a particular ad happens to be running on your site maybe with a topical article and people are clicking it more than what you see with other ads and other articles.

How can you Prime the Adsense Pump?

The easy answer to prime the Adsense pump is to do what Google wants you to do and go buy some relevant PPC advertising of your own, sending traffic to your site so that it can then convert.  You should not pay more than what you are being paid.  This is sometimes referred to as PPC arbitrage. 

Alternatively, if you are a heavy social networker, this would be a very good time to pick up some traffic from, stumbleupon or even from Blogexplosion or other blog surfing networks.

You do not have to be a clinical laboratory service technician to figure out when things are running well, just check in on your Adsense numbers a few times throughout the day, and be prepared to act when they are higher than normal.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Search Engine Strategies Conference this Summer

There are two search engine strategies conferences coming up this summer.

They are both part of the search engine strategies 2003 conference and Expo.  The first one is in Toronto in the middle of June and the second one is in San Jose, California in the middle of August.

The Toronto Expo runs from June 16 through June 18.  The San Jose Expo runs from August 17 through August 21.  If you register for the Toronto Expo before May 30 you will save $150 and if you register for the San Jose Expo before August 1 two can save up to $200.

In addition you can use the website magazine priority code which is 10WEBM can save up to 10%.  There's never a better time than now to start learning new things to improve your skills, boost your business and generate more effective results.  Besides either of these events would probably be a great networking opportunity and even a chance to bring home a couple novelty marketing toys for the kids.

Pay Per Click Campaign Help from Ezanga

Are you looking to create a pay per click advertising campaign but don't know how to do it?

Here's a service offering a free $101 campaign credit when you start.  The company is called Ezanga.  They are offering a promotion code of WSM101.

If you use that promo code when you go to the you will receive $101 in free clicks.

They offer among other things click fraud protection and traffic advisers plus they offer dedicated account managers and fully managed pay per click accounts.  They promote an easy-to-use interface and you can run multiple campaigns and work with their keywords and tools.

So if you are looking to run a promotion for the keywords 'drug rehab', you could test out the service and see what results, advice and guidance you might get.  If nothing else, you could invest $101 of your own money and get $202 worth of PPC clicks to generate more business, learn something along the way, and rule in or out whether this is a useful service and company for you.

Ebay the new Domain Marketplace

Many people these days go to eBay to buy and sell domains.  If you are looking to buy a domain or sell a domain, you might try checking on eBay.

Some companies such as are even plugged in to eBay such that if you bid on a domain within their website it could trigger an auction on eBay.

Essentially you might place an order that is below the minimum required to sell on and that triggers an automatic auction.  If your offer is not outbid on Ebay, then you win the domain and are able to purchase it at your bid amount.  You can also increase your bid through eBay while it's going through the auction process.

Buying domains on Ebay is not like buying a used CD, a boat or even wood blinds.  A domain is a non-real product.  It has no physical existence and so I do advise that if you can consider going through first as they offer a very good escrow service for web domains to insure that you get what you paid for and do not get ripped off.

Top 10 Registrars

When you go to register a new domain, odds are that you are using a hosting company that is plugged into a registrar.  Sometimes you might use a hosting company that is a registrar such as

Website magazine offers up a list of the top 50 registrars, and we will share with you the top 10 in that list.


So there you have it, if you want to see the others in the top 50 list, checkout Website Magazine at  It even makes good reading while you are on vacation at the beach, just curl up in a hammock at a Hilton Head rental and learn how to make your fortune this year.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Months Over Did You Make Your Adsense Numbers to Get Paid?

Well another month just closed yesterday and if you run Adsense on your site(s), you are probably checking to see if you made your numbers.

For some people that will include asking the question, whether or not you earned enough to generate a payment from this last month.  Did your month go over $99.99 or did your cumulative since your last payment go over $99.99.  If yes then in about 40 days you should be able to expect the receipt of a payment.

For other people the question is 'Did my Adsense earnings go up, increase, or top last months numbers or even last years numbers for the same month?'

Adsense for many users has been going up over the last few months, and so if you are producing regular content or producing regular viewers, you should have seen a sloping increase in your Adsense earnings over the last few months.  Start watching and you can use this as just one benchmark of your website's success.  Its not everything and some sites do not work well with Adsense at all, but it can be a good gauge once you have figured out if its right for you.  Typically, unless there is fraud involved Adsense levels do not fluctuate much if your content levels are the same or balanced.  We're not talking about something like Las Vegas real estate or even Wilmington real estate for that matter.  Adsense tends to be a steady ride up unless you see a major spike up in traffic.