Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Domain Parking v Blogging

It is been my direct experience that a person can make a great deal more money off of a website or domain than they can off of parking that domain and doing nothing It's been my direct experience that a person that has time to set up and write a blog, can make a great deal more money than a person that parks a domain that they own.

I own several hundred domains myself.  And the majority of those domains are parked.  They earn me a nominal amount of money sitting there, but nowhere near the amount of money that I can earn from blogging.  If you don't have the time to cover a domain with a blog that I do recommend parking the domain and earning a small amount of advertising from it.

However if you truly want to get immediate value out of the domain and if you want to build equity in that domain building a blog, promoting that blog and increasing the page rank of the blog will provide you a much better return on your investment.

This does take time and effort, and if you do not have the time and effort you shouldn't fear.  You can outsource the work!  The market is rapidly filling up with bloggers are willing to take on freelance and ghostwriting positions.  If you are interested in hiring a ghostwriter or a freelance writer to help populate your blog (your underdeveloped domain) contact us at Softduit Partners and we can help.

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