Saturday, March 31, 2007

Linkbaiting Services from Customer Magnetism

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This week we like to give a shout out to a fellow link dating service called customer magnetism.  They provide link building services to companies and websites looking to increase the number of links coming into their website.  Link dating is an excellent way to achieve this goal.  Linked it is simply an article that is so attractive for whatever the reason that many people link to it and point it out to their friends and readers and visitors as an excellent source of information.

The term link dating a somewhat derogatory however, it is what it is.  You're creating a piece of content and you're throwing it out into the Internet waters and you're hoping to attract attention.  Not typically on the Internet you won't receive attention and less the article is worthy of it and so the derogatory nature or joking description of link dating is more of a technical term than anything.  Often times link dates look like long list of items.  For example 25 top car rental sites and how to save money with each of them or 12 ways to all was when it blackjack or 972 ways to make a fortune in five minutes.  The nature of these things is that they usually have a catchy title and indicate in the title that there is an exceptional amount of information that is both useful and lengthy.  The length of the list inhibits people from writing a summary about the item and in so doing it prompts a link directly to the source to save time for the person is interested.  In addition link dates are often items that are used to gain attention when people point to them from sites such as data or Stumble Upon or other social bookmarking companies.

There is a very large market for link building services these days and our sponsor recordings their latest release can definitely help you achieve your goals and build up the back links pointing to your site which in turn increases your page rank.

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