Monday, March 05, 2007

Keep the Keyword Focused

When you're writing blog articles or even content for a specific page

Keep in mind the number of times your keywords are used throughout that page.  Many people will list their page for a keyword and never use the keyword in the actual article or the page.  Whenever possible try to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Put the keyword in the file name
  • but the key word in the title but the keyword and H1 header
  • use the keyword threw out that page, your goal should be to utilize that keyword approximately 7% of the time

So if you have a hundred words on that page or in that article, the keyword should appear approximately 7 times to achieve 7%.  That is a goal and something to shoot for but not necessarily live or die by.  At the end of the day you do want to keep your writing natural.

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