Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Don't Overspend on an Adwords Campaign Up Front - PPC Marketing Mistakes

This is the third part in a series that we're covering on some of the mistake you can make in a pay per click advertising campaign. One of these mistakes we are covering today is the overbid price.  This occurs when you bid too high right off the bat or keyword. Your goal should be to try and get the lowest price possible for that keyword. United here money's worth her good return on your investment if you go in getting high right go. You should always try and start a small as possible.

Get a Low Pay Per Click Price

Start at a low point, and build your way up to make sure you get the keyword at the price you need. No one gets rich paying more than something's worth. Check out the Warren Buffett Way if you need to He is a famous value buyer and one of the best investors in the world or at least the most successful.

Keep Your Daily Budget Low too

The same advice that goes towards the individual click price can be applied to your budget.  Your daily budget should start low. You might started at a buck or two.  You might started at five or $10.

Regardless, start small see what the results look like as they come in on that advertising campaign, and  make adjustments as needed to the keywords in the ads.  As you start to see positive results in a campaign, then you might consider increasing the budget.

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