Friday, December 14, 2007

Adsense Blogger Take Thyself to, Register and Download the tool bar

This is a bit counter intuitive (well not really).  If you are a blogger that blogs for business and you make money from Adsense and other forms of online advertising, then you need to pay attention to  This search engine will be important for you whether or not you blog on politics, tech or a defined niche reviewing Vegas rooms that are the best for gambling at various levels or on specific days with certain dealer combinations.

They have the potential to be the next Google in search (Google gave up on that a couple years ago and they are just treading water.) however is doing a number of very innovative things with their search engine and just by the process of throwing darts not only on the board but towards the center, they are likely to hit a bulls eye soon.

So you need to get your blog articles indexed in Ask.  You can start by setting up a MyStuff account at ask

You can also submit articles that you find interesting to Ask, just like you can with Stumbleupon or Digg.

I also recommend downloading the toolbar so that they can gather up information about the websites that are important to you.

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