Sunday, December 02, 2007

Moving From Free Tools to Paid Tools - Keyword Analysis 201 Keyword Research ToolEventually as you build up more experience in working with domains, websites, blogs, SEO and SEM, you will consider when to stop using the free keyword analysis tools and start paying for even better keyword research tools.

I use a number of keyword research tools that are free from tools available at Google and Yahoo and Yahoo!'s Overture to tools from Adwords and even a number of great tools from sites such as

I have found that eventually when you start working on more comprehensive site plans you will want to use a more comprehensive tool, that is faster and and answers some of the questions that you can not cover with free keyword analysis tools.

When I first started doing this work, I investigated some of the paid tools, even tried some free trials with keyword research tools, but ultimately opted to continue using the free tools until I had earned enough to pay for the good tools.

It was kind of like the principles used in real estate flipping.  You build your investment off of you profits not your principle investment.

Now as I look at my lines of business, I have been earning much more money from areas of business that did not require an deep dive into keyword analysis.  But recently, I am finding that these tools can generate a premium in my work and so I have finally reached a point where purchasing these tools make sense.

As I journey through this purchase, I am not yet prepared to buy the service a year at a time, but I can easily afford to pay for the service for a 1 month subscription (and I'll leave the auto renew options unchecked).

When I have some working history with the tools, then I'll make my decision as to which tools to continue with.

With that in mind, I am going to try Trellian's KeywordDiscovery tools first.

Its not an expensive tool to jump into (they do have a decent free trial offering as well).  But even the paid version is only about $70 for the first month, and if you like the service you can pick it up at about $50 per month after that.


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