Saturday, December 08, 2007

Are Your Incoming Links Sourced from a Dangerous Site?

Here is a Great tool recommended to me in an article from a friend of mine. 

The site and article can be found at Advertising For Success: Lost Innocence and Page Rank

The tool enables you to get a sense of the quality and safety of the links are pointing to your website, your internal pages and more.  Generally the more back links you have the better, however some of those back links can associate you and Google's eyes with bad websites.

Google defines a bad website is anything that makes it difficult for Google to do business or earn money in advertising in my humble opinion.  This means those websites may look perfectly legitimate to you and may offer unique content and even very useful services, but Google doesn't like them and they might start to dislike you as well just for having a link received from that site.

Now you can stop someone from linking to your website, but you can work to build up your links from other sites that are more trustworthy and keep things balanced.  This game of Google's is somewhat similar to the games are played in both residential and commercial real estate.

In real estate function and location are the most important things.  That plays out on the web as well and Google has the ability to provide you the right location.  If they don't like you they can bury your location and make it very difficult for you to do business successfully.

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