Wednesday, December 12, 2007

VOIP and Adsense

There are many different Adsense strategies that a publisher or website owner can utilize to work cohesively with Adwords advertisers.  One of those strategies involves building and structuring sites and articles to support online e-commerce retailers.

neobits As an example I would like to show you a site called Neobits.  This website focuses on selling voice over IP products and services.  They are not an affiliate laden website, they sell real products.  For example they sell voice over IP products from Talkswitch, Panasonic, and many other VOIP equipment manufacturers providers.

For you to build a good site that helps this type of retailer, you need to understand whether or not they are advertising with AdWords first.  Once you know if they're using AdWords are not, then you need to structure your blog articles or your website to support the topics that their customers are filtering into their site looking for answers or solutions.

This oftentimes comes in the form of a product review.  That does not mean that you go out to their website and perform a write up warrior review of their actual website.  Instead, you need to do a deep dive into each of the individual products on the website and review those individual products.

Ideally you need to purchase the products or receive a review copy, and test the products out and provide your feedback or information were insights into how to use the products, how to use them to best advantage, how the products work well, and where the products fail.  When you talk about the failures of the products, you need to do this from the perspective of helping consumers find products that will work well enough for them to point out the products that have certain weaknesses and steer consumers away from the products that have weaknesses that they cannot live with.  That becomes a value-added service that you're providing in helping them to make their decision based on your experience and your newfound wisdom.

If you do not have access to the products can you a different opportunity.  It's called Web research.  You can go out and gather together a large number of other reviews that people done on this particular product and you can compile and consolidate those reviews.  Be sure to point out the areas where the reviews have identified a consistent pattern or results.  Also make sure that you know any of the exceptional items that individual reviews noted, or problems that they found.  It's important not to give these outliers too much weight as it could just be a fluke and that single review, but it is something that could be valuable to your consumers to understand the potential of that product and how it might work for them in specific situations.

Writing it for Copy

now of course after you do your review, or after you compile the reviews of many different writers, you need to take a look at your article and you need to format it so that it will work well with AdSense.  You need to use the script in essence provides to block keywords that will not relate to the topic that you're covering, and you need to utilize good keyword density to help promote the keywords that you do want to promote especially for AdWords topics.

When you're working for AdSense results, you do not necessarily want to have an article that is several thousand words long.  Instead you want to break your article up into multiple pages.  Each page should have a focus on the topic that you're covering such as voice over IP, but it should also have a sub topic some niche of voice over IP.  Shorter articles will work much better with AdSense placements, plus as your readers are flipping from page 1 to two and then to page 3, you will be earning additional impressions and an additional chance to convert someone through an AdSense advertisement.

The style does not necessarily always work well in a blog format and is sometimes better suited towards static websites.  It can be achieved by breaking up a single blog article into multiple blog articles and then interlinking between those articles.  As blogs are published from the most recent to the oldest, you will left to make the decision on whether or not to publish the beginning of the article first or save it for a lapsed so that it appears on top of the other articles.  If you save it for last, you will probably want to publish all of the articles at the same time, if you publish it first then you may want to space out the publishing of your articles over several days.

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