Monday, December 17, 2007

Revver is Good for Readers and Good for Stats!

If you ever offer up your own videos on your blogs, I highly recommend Revver.  First, Revver enables you to earn some money from your videos.  Now, my videos tend to be tutorial in nature and I'm not getting rich from them but that's ok because those videos do something even more important.

They give my readers good content to view.  Video is richer in content than just text.  Plus combining video with text is even better than holding video separate.

Revver drops ads at the end of videos and you get credit for the impressions and clicks and that pays a little money.  But more importantly you get access to some great stats that helps you see what your readers/viewers are looking at and doing.  This then helps you to see what you are doing right with the videos and possibly what you are doing wrong.

Here's some examples of some partial shots of my stats . . .



There's another benefit here as well.  Running the videos on your website or pages also helps you place better in search if the title of the video is relative to the keywords for search.  It may not help you compete with mesothelioma treatment but it could help you a bit with less competitive words and definitely help you on 

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