Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Great Picture Can Get You Lots of Traffic

I saw a great picture over at a blog called Dodgeblogium » Blog Archive » Ding Kong.  The image iding_kongs actually a flikr photo, but its a good example of how a great image can garnish you traffic and maybe links.

One of the interesting things about attracting people to your blogs with an image is that they are likely to click away looking for something else and that could mean that they will click on an adsense advertisement on their way out of your website.

We have previously covered the aspects of how an image can be used as a link bait.  One of the things that can aid in this is making it slightly more difficult for others to copy the image or even hotlink to it(forcing them to link to your article instead, although hotlinks can be used to gather up links too!)

One of the keys in identifying an image of this nature is to find an image that is not widely circulated and hopefully very unique.  You do not necessarily want something very common like a picture of a big screen TV on a plasma stand or even a picture of President Bush (unless he is doing something goofy).  You want an image that is very unique.

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Nice post!

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It would be great to get your feedback on the comedy linkbait angle!

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