Sunday, December 02, 2007

Adsense Notifier Helps Track Stats While You Surf

One of the first plugins that I added to Firefox was a little add on called the Adsense Notifier. I can't recall exactly, but that plugin, may have been the reason why I started using Firefox in the first place.

If there is anything truly addictive about firefox plugins, the adsense notifier is it, and I'm not going to drug rehab to break my addiction.  This one is just too useful.  This tool enables you to check your Adsense stats at a glance. 


The Adsense notifier can be configured to show you the stats that are important to you within the lower right portion of a firefox browser window.  The image above gives an example, by displaying from left to right the number of uniques, the number of adsense ad clicks, the page CTR (click through rate) percentage, the eCPM, the total earnings and the average earnings per click.

These are just some of the configuration options, and not the extent of what is available.

If you want to quickly check your account in more detail. just right click on the notifier section and it launches your adsense account in a new tab.

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