Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Text Link Ads Temporarily Stops Supporting New Blogger

Text Link Ads stopped supporting New Blogger Blogs this week.  Google's New Blogger system has not been working with Text Link Ads for several weeks, and it appears that Text Link Ads has chosen to pull the plug on this segment of bloggers at least in the short term.

Note there is No longer a Blogger Option!

Text Link Ads drops New Blogger from Line up his

I have been following a problem for several weeks now as I attempted to install text Link ads on one of my blogger sites.  TextLinkAd's provides a URL from a feed which they used to prescribe should be added to the new blogger set up in a way that blogger would pull the feed and posted in a sidebar.  This will display the TextLinkAd as advertisers signed up for that particular site.

The only problem is that new blogger stopped working with the TextLinkAd feed which is not a standard feed link.  In comparison blogger does work just fine with feed links from places such as feedburner, but fails out when it comes to text Link ads.

TextLinkAd tech support was less than helpful explaining the situation and Google support never provides much if any support.  So for anybody hoping to work in the realm of Google's blogger system and text Link ads found themselves in the chasm of an information void that is not normally seen on the Internet.

The couple days ago I logged into TextLinkAd try to find out what status wasn't my blogger blog as TextLinkAd's authority sold advertising to an advertiser for my site.  When I logged in an attempted to get the code to check things out I realized that TextLinkAd's no longer offered a blogger blog option as you can see in the image above.

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