Sunday, April 06, 2008

Google Adsense left and right scroll buttons Now Present

Early in the week we talked about Google's new scroll buttons and provided a quick 18 second video example of how they work.

Well here is yet another format.  Its a left and right scroll button for use with Adsense ads.


We first saw them on a 728 x 90 advertisement on a Solar Energy website, but it is just as likely that these will fly well with the 468 wide google adsense ads also.

Still no word from anyone on how well these ads are actually working for anyone, and the conventional wisdom does seem to be skeptical.  Let's hope that the Google geniuses aren't just shooting blanks into the wind hoping to pull their stock price and market capitalization back up so that a Google millionaire somewhere can redesign their garden this spring with some fancy garden gnomes and other frivolous garden decor.

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