Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Networking with Promotional Products

I just returned from yet another trip.  This time it was a 5 day trip to an entertainment event in Nevada.  Throughout the course of the trip I met with many public relations officers of different companies, talent managers and just your every day people.  I was working in tandem with another blogger and podcaster that has a couple years on me in this genre and I was struck by how much play he received off of offering promotional items in the form of stickers for his online video show.

When we think of promotional items, we often think of corporate gifts that have no function like a retirement watch or something.  But if you can come up with cool promotional products they can take on a life of their own and help remind people to check out your site, your show, or your company products and services many times over.  Plus, they might even regift it and get you more attention virally from other people in the future.

Now for me, I run many different sites, and I have to determine the best way to proceed with this.  I can't carry around a different promo product for every site I have.  Maybe the right call is to centrally brand things under Softduit Media and just offer up something focused on that site itself.  I'll let you know how that proceeds as I continue to mull it over.

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