Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Google Protects Self and Opens the Door for Blog Advertising

I recently read an article with an interview from Matt Cutts famous for being put in charge of search engine publicity for Google.

In the article Matt Cutts commends the folks at PayPerPost, today known as Izea, for making their advertising system more compliant with Google Webmasters terms of service.

Essentially, Google has forced this company to adopt the standards that Google requires in order to keep its search engine monopoly running.  They took this action after receiving many shots across the Bow from Google and ultimately after Google nuked a number of websites around the United States and around the world, compliance became very important.

Now that the advertising companies have stepped up to protect Google, Google is taken a couple steps off of its self-righteous horse to accept the advertising methodologies that once attacked thus proving that Google was mostly just trying to protect its own search engine and didn't really care about people that read websites or blogs.

So now that the monopoly challenge has ended it could be saved for many webmasters to enter back into the world of this type of Internet advertising.

So while the rest of the world gets back to what was already business as normal, Google can now smugly sit back and continue to gleam profits from the search engine pump without any threat to its core business, internet advertising via search.  The lesson to be learned here is that the 800 lb gorilla does not like to have its stock, its cash flow and probably not even the wine in its office wine refrigerators threatened by start ups or small content publishers.

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