Sunday, June 01, 2008

Got Video? Convert Video and Image Ads better with Video

The title pretty much says it all, but there is a point to this statement.  Consumers have been conditioned through the likes of YouTube to click the play button and trust the result.

If you are looking to establish a site that converts traffic into ad clickers legitimately, you should aim to focus on including a large number of embedded video players regularly throughout your site.  Plus, your site should be designed to place ads of a similar nature (video or image ads, possibly with images that look like players) in a relatively close area.

This design is not about tricking people into click, but in capturing their attention in a medium and format that they have grown to trust and use regularly.  When you deploy it, your results will definitely improve.

If you run a video showing a tour of Napa valley and a wine tasting session, you might try and structure your ad placements to include a video ad of a wine racks or even of a champagne cork popping and shooting through your site, just to capture attention.

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