Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hitting Up the Political Campaigns with Advertising Campaigns

Over the last couple weeks we have been engaged in several advertising campaigns to push our political campaigns.  Specifically we have launched a number of sponsored review campaigns at  These sponsored reviews were targeted to help raise awareness and promote a site called  Specifically we were targeting one of the blogs that

Our campaign's goal was to get the word out about our writer recruitment efforts on this site.  In general the campaign was a success in several ways.  We increase the number of links coming into the site, we tripled the number of weekly readers that we are bringing into the site, and we've added two new writers.  The total cost of the campaign was just over $100 and therefore was very cost-efficient compared to the goals that we met.

Here's a quick rundown of the Blogs that our campaign sponsored. 

(Note some of these sponsored articles do not necessarily match up with our own goals and political perspectives, however despite the differences in opinion from an advertising perspective we still succeeded.  It's not necessary in this type of advertising for the articles or the reviews or the perspectives of the blog authors to voice the same views that we hold.  In fact differences of opinion can often lead to more success in advertising of this nature.)

  1. Liberal Common Sense
  2. Politik Ditto
  3. Bonnie Writes
  4. just jag!
  5. My View from the Center
  6. Plus 1
  7. Kerala Articles
  8. Shelley's Incoherent
  9. Snarke
  10. My Thoughts


It is been our experience that different campaigns when themselves to different sponsored review type services or payperpost type services.  This particular advertising campaign fit very well within the structure provided by sponsored  Other campaigns that we have run would not work well under this environment.  We do provide consulting services for advertisers or websites looking to sponsor programs in this of online blog reviews or articles to generate interest and buzz across the blogosphere.  There are dozens of firms and services that provide slightly different methodologies to achieve these goals and through our company, Softduit Partners we can help you navigate this rapidly growing new industry of Internet marketing.


Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

Participating was cool! I love politics!

Unknown said...

Hi Bonnie, Thanks for stopping by! In a future segment I will reveal another part of our marketing strategy which will help reciprocate your efforts even further!