Monday, April 02, 2007

Name Your Images for Google Search

Maybe you have optimize your website for search such that when someone does a Google search they can find the texture information they're looking for.  When they perform that search, Google tells the potential readers what your site is about what they can find there so that they will click on the link and come to your site.

Have you optimize your website images for Google image searches?

When you include those handy little images in your blog articles are on your website are you naming them in a way that Google can find those images into something useful with them?

Just like naming any other file on your website, you need to name your images with descriptive titles that are conducive to search.  Don't use_use the -- to separate multiple words.  Use good keywords in the name.  Right up alternate text is well for the imaging case the image doesn't show through or in case someone that searching with some sort of disability can still get information about what is in that image location.

All of these items can help you attract people to image searches.  They may only show up to look at the image, however they may stick around your site and read the context that goes with the image.

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