Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Performancing Pays you to Hit Front Page

Performancing announced this week that they will start to pay bloggers when there are blog submissions hit the front page on performancing.  Every time you land a blog article on the front page of performancing, you will receive $10, which is pretty good for pushing out great content to an excellent site.

Performancing is an excellent resource for pro-blogging tips and insights from people that it been involved in the blogging community for years.  There are many other great reasons to check out performance seemed as well, and now when you contribute back to the community you can share in the rewards financially.

Invitation to Join Performancing's Pro Blogger Community

In addition, when you write a performancing, you're essentially given your own blog.  You will also be a will to rotate in your AdSense code on your blog of Performancing and receive 70% return on the rotation there.  That's another good incentive to share great information with the community at Performancing.  The site is maintained with the software platform Drupal and blogs there do benefit significantly from Performancing's excellent page rank.  My blog at Performancing, Titled Brett Bumeter's blog, has a page rank of four, and you can benefit from the money as well as for the page rank if you contribute quality information to the community at Performancing.

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