Thursday, April 12, 2007

Un-Parking Domains - Page Rank Asset Appreciation

In the past we've talked about the benefits of domain parking, today I'd like to talk about a follow-up topic.  It is likely that eventually you will come to a point where you want to stop parking the main.

This part asset of a demesne eventually we'll do you more good in some other capacity.  That's what becomes time to un-park it.

Un-parking a domain, depending on where you have it registered, may include redirecting the DNS, pointing it from the original registrar to whatever host you plan on holding the domain.

Now if you've had the domain part for a long time, you may come to find out that your password may have expired or got locked up or run into some other problem.  We recommend that if you are looking to un-park a domain, you should prepare three to four months in advance by testing your login information to see if it still works.

If it does not work you should contact the company that you originally registered with and starts go through the process of getting the password reset.

We have currently taken a new domain( out of parking, and we are in the initial stages of launching a new site with.  It doesn't take much to un-park a demesne, and I would highly recommend that as an alternative to domain parking you simply set up a blog on the domain. 

When you hold a blog on the domain, that blog can be read with several articles information and eventually that blog on the domain will attract a page rank higher than zero.  Typically a parked domain will decrease and page rank if it holds a page rank or it will never increase in page rank from zero and it has no page rank.

You might be older earn a little bit of spare change from park in a domain by running ads on the domain, however you are asset will never really appreciate and die you from the perspective of page rank.

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