Sunday, February 04, 2007

When to kill Spammy Comments and when to Kick the Spammer

Eventually you are certain to receive some spammy comments.  Depending on when you receive these, they can be very bad, slightly bad, and sometimes a little helpful.

Do not let a spammy comment kick off your comments as this will discourage dialogue. 

If your post has already received a dozen or so comments, you might act a little slow to delete a spammy comment, letting your readers attack the spammer is good for impressions also and helps them to take a part in protecting your blog community!

Long spammy comments with dozens of links are the worst as they take up the most real estate on your page.  Do not delay to delete these fast as they make your readers scroll more while they sit there.

Short spammy comments are not as egregious, and sometimes might even spur some attacks from your readers.  Sometimes its almost healthy to let your readers attack the spammers likes sharks to chum.  Better they attack the spammer than take their web rage and hostility out on you, your site or your article.

Don't let this happen to often, but occasionally a little game of kick the spammer can let everyone release a little tension.

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