Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Running Adsense on New Blogger Templates

If you have converted from the old blogger platform and are having a hard time inputting your Adsense code into the new template, its probably because the new code is on xhtml and won't accept some of the characters generated by Adsense, they need to be escaped.

Example the symbol & when read by XML needs to be expressed with the symbols &

That may seem less efficient for coding purposes, but its better for the web browsers to confirm that you are talking about a symbol and not the word 'and'

Here are three articles that will guide you through the setup of Adsense in your new blogger account:

1.  From Enviroman this article sums things up showing you how to Incorporate Adsense into your blogger blog

2.  From Blogcrowds you get more details, which Enviroman references as well. (Source Article)

3.  Then there is this handy tool at Blogcrowds for converting the Adsense code into something that New Blogger can read and create your Adsense blocks.

Welcome Back to Adsense, New Blogger Bloggers!

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