Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What Is the Practicality of Using AdSense on New Websites?

Every few weeks I get a question from someone who asks if it's actually possible to make money from working with AdSense on a website or blog.

The simple answer is that it is possible, but almost anything in life as possible.

The reality is that you probably won't get rich from AdSense unless you develop a website that can attract millions of people every day. Once you have a website that does that you will probably find other ways to make money from it anyhow and AdSense won't be your primary tool for earning money, but it will be a nice extra.

So what should you do in those situations where you're starting up a site and you're looking to make money from it?

You can use AdSense but you should also look to use many other things in addition to AdSense. It's only one tool that can help your site earn a little more in the early days. It will not earn you a lot, but there's no point in turning away a little bit of money.

In the early days using AdSense is very similar to putting a transfer tank on the back of your pickup so that you can put an extra hundred gallons of gas in your truck every time you fill up. If you're only going to drive 20 miles it's not going to help you a lot, but if the day comes when you start to drive a thousand miles a day, it may pay off.  You won't have to spend as much time at the gass station, reducing the number of of times that you have to stop for gas over and over and over again.

The same holds true for AdSense it won't do you a lot of good up front until you develop the capacity to use it as a tool. When that time comes theen you will be in a good position to capitalize on it.

I tend to put AdSense onto websites and blogs immediately so that the users and readers of those sites can become accustomed to it and won't be surprised by a change later on down the road when the site is established. When that time comes I do not want to upset any readers by the change.  I want them accustomed to the presence of Adsense right from go and that's what I use AdSense immediately from the beginning of the site.

Putting it on a site early also enables me to identify in the early months which ads and keywords my site is prone to attract advertisers.  This helps me gauge and prepare the site for a future with more readers and more traffic.

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