Friday, November 10, 2006

Don not delete your Blogger Account If you want to Re-Use It!

I just learned of a situation on one of the Google groups.  A person had deleted their blogger/blogspot blog and sometime after deleting it, went back in to the system to set it back up again and start over.

The name was gone and the URL was no longer available.

When an account is deleted, It does not become unusable.

In fact the blog name goes back into open circulation almost as soon as it is deleted.

In the situation I encountered, it even looked like someone had taken the URL and re-directed it to a parked domain to try and make some money off the former tennants traffic.

Its possible that redirecting to a parked domain is against the Google Blogger TOS.

Regardless it is very unusaul for a blogspot address. (For more information on domain parking and how you can earn money from this practice check out Softduit's Blog Revenue Tools Domain Parking is a legitimate business practice when its not abused.)

This particular blogger may be able to take the issue up with Google support to see if they can help.

For future readers, its important to recreate your blog again immediately after you delete it or else someone else may take it from you!


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