Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fielding a New Paid Writing Service

This week I've been doing just a little bit of work to field a new writing service from AC (think Associated Press but for the blogger masses).

They will pay you for article submissions and pay you more or less depending on whether you grant them full rights to the article.

I submitted my first article about 36 hours ago and am still awaiting approval.  They say it takes anywhere from 1-5 days.  So we will see where it goes.  It was not a unique article, instead it was one that I had also posted on my blog under a slightly different title "Sony Deals Self a Cyber-Shot in the Foot."

I do like the idea of getting paid for an article that I have already published and look forward to going back through some of my older articles that have stood the test of time and giving them new life in a republished format through AC .

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