Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Earn Money and Promote your Website at the Same Time!

About two weeks ago, I started using a new website to help promote my blog articles, blog sites and websites.  The service is a website that brings people together to host a discussion forum.

The basic concept is that if you strike up a conversation on their website, you are generating content for them and they earn money from content.  They don't pocket the money totally for themselves.  Instead they share some of their earnings from the page with your content directly with you via PayPal.

You can in effect strike up conversations with other people from around the world and get paid for the conversation. 

Promotion Benefit

Talking to people in discussion forums of any type are a great source for promoting your articles individually or your site in total.  This forum happens to pay you at the same time!

You can sign up for the service for free with this invitation from Adsense for Idiots.

How You Earn Money Together!

The site does not calculate your earnings in real time.  Instead earnings are calculated every 24 hours and displayed on your profile.  You can earn money from the content you write, from pictures you upload, from tagging your discussions and from generating or spurring on a conversation that motivates people to respond.  The more responses, the more visitors to that conversation and hence the more earnings to share between the service and yourself!

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