Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Blog Explosion is Just Getting Better

I'm not sure what it is, but Blog Explosion is continuing to return me some great results.  I have used several other blog exchanges and do like their services as well, but BlogExplosion delivers much higher quality traffic.

(Note You can sign up for BlogExplosion through the hyperlinks in this article.  These hyperlinks were created with an invitation code that you can use to setup your own account and add as many blogs as you like!)

If you have a strong blog and one that has some great content, especially in the funny, or editorial or tech perspective (as opposed to the blog marketing perspective like this site) then Blog Explosion can help you get some great impressions.  Now do not run your blog through Blog Explosion if you are running Adsense!

That is a huge mistake and can get you kicked out of the Adsense program.  If you have Adsense on your blog, then you need to setup a blog mirror or remove the Adsense from your site all together.  If you need more information about blog mirror's you can contact Softduit.com one of the innovators in the Blog Mirror creation and maintenance industry.  They were the first and can definitely help you promote your blog and get some quality eyeballs on your content!


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