Sunday, January 28, 2007

Resource Hook- Types of Linkbait

We are talking about types of Linkbait, articles written to attract backlinks to your blog or website, and the conversation has been started appropriately with a Linkbait article written at Yellow House Hosting about linkbait!

One of the best types of linkbait is the Resource Hook.  This is typically a factual list of resources.  It often includes links to other resources on the net (like this listing of over 125 blog Directories sorted by PageStrength and focused on Blogs). 

These resources are typically long.  They are long so that they will not be easy to copy and will push or force a linkback to the linkbait source.  Often time Resource Hooks are split up on multiple pages even with medium sized lists on each page.  They usually include at least summaries and purposes for their use aside from just a cold link with little additional information as those can usually be found through a search engine.  So Gather up some useful lists, add some value to those lists that can't be readily found in a search engine and upload it and you will have your own Resource Hook.

If you have done this or found good examples of Resource Hooks, Please drop us a comment with a hyperlink to the linkbait example.  (please just one hyperlink per comment so that we can identify and reject spammy comments)

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