Thursday, January 04, 2007

Page Rank Prediction Tool

Here's a great tool at a very useful site.  Its a GooglePageRank Prediction tool.  Google PageRank is an extremely important metric that is used by many advertisers to assess the merit of advertising on your blog.

I won't cover in this article what it takes to boost your PR(pagerank), but you can monitor how it might work out with this tool the next time Google does an update (currently people are thinking that this will not happen prior to the beginning of February.

The Google PageRank Prediction Tool is located at iWebTool.  They have a number of other great tools and services that I will cover more thoroughly in future posts, but this one is definitely worth looking into.

Be forewarned that its not the gospel, but it can help.  For example one of my blogs, Maven Mapper's Information, was projected to increase from a PR 4 to a PR5 3 weeks ago, now that's showing that its holding at a future prediction of PR4.  That tells me that I need to get back to work on that site and make some improvements fast!

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