Thursday, January 25, 2007

Keyword Heavy Articles

Here's a quick 101 level tip for earning more with Adsense.

Make sure your articles are dense with keywords.  You want keywords in your title.  You should put keywords in the file name.  You should cover those keywords multiple times in your article.  These keywords will be the items or text that the Google script will identify.

As the script reads the words in your article the words that appear the most often will be designated as the keywords. (I am describing this in a very basic manner, but you get the idea.) 

Once the keyword has been identified, Google can then match that keyword identified in your article,

Ergo the Keyword -> What your article is about

and Google matches that keyword to all the advertisers that have signed up to advertise contextual ads against that keyword.

So if the keyword of your article is "keywords", then its likely that you will get google Adsense ads that have something to do with the topic of "keywords."

Pop Quiz

How many times does the word Keywords and keyword appear in this article?

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